Shoulder of lamb, Sunday Roast

Pickled Piglet, Birmingham

I first visited The Pickled Piglet when it initially opened a couple of years ago, and the food was brilliant but the place lacked atmosphere and so I wasn’t overly persuaded to return. Added to the fact it prided itself on meat and classic dishes, and yet didn’t open on a Sunday for roast dinners and I’ve had few opportunities to revisit.

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Lumia 1520 unboxed

Nokia Lumia 1520

A HUGE phone which shows Windows Phone at its best (and just how puny your hands are.)

Lumia 1520 BoxLet me start by saying that I am already a fan of Windows Phone, I owned a Nokia Lumia 800 right from the beginning as I became disillusioned with my iPhone and wanted to try something new. I love the endless customisation that’s available on the Windows start-screen, the built in social features and the way the phone becomes your own the moment your various accounts are logged in. That amount of personalisation just isn’t available to the same level on the other two main mobile operating systems and it offers something truly unique.

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